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"We've referred Matt to tons of people. Both family and friends."

Over the past decade, Mark and Jennifer Blackwell have sold and purchased homes with the help of Matt DeAntonio.

Read the Blackwell's story about their experience with Matt DeAntonio and what advice they have for you.


The Blackwells were at a stage in their life where they needed to downsize from their previous home in Mount Pleasant. Jennifer was dealing with a health condition that made living in their large, elevated home a concern for their family. They had "too much home"  and they desired to find a single level property, with at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in Mount Pleasant. They also needed to stay in a particular 2-mile radius to be close to their daughter's school. After casually looking for about a year they found their current residence and couldn't be happier.

Why Matt DeAntonio?

Mark and Jennifer met Matt during a previous rental experience. They owned their previous home and were looking to originally sell it quickly themselves. Matt had a client that was interested in the home but really wanted to rent versus buy. Matt called the Blackwells and introduced the couple to their future tenant. 

After renting their property for a few more years they got to know Matt along the way. He always remained fair to both sides of the transaction whether the Blackwells were working directly with him or not. When their family became ready to sell their home they called up Matt and ask him to represent them in the sale. During the sale of their previous property, Matt also assisted them in finding their current residence. Working together they were able to sell and buy their dream home. 

"Matt is persistent. He never gave up on us and stuck with us throughout the entire process until we purchased."

What Has Stuck Out To You?

During the last couple of years, Matt has partnered with the Blackwells to sell and purchase other homes on behalf of their family. They recognize Matt as someone who is always willing to do more than what is expected.

During the sale of Mark's dad's house, a hurricane came through the area and caused a great deal of potential water damage. A ton of water was stuck under their father's home and their father was ill at the time. Matt jumped in without hesitation to lend a hand.

How Is Matt DeAntonio Different?

The Blackwells are most impressed with his patience and even-keeled personality. Mark described Matt as someone who always patiently answers their questions. Even when Matt disagrees on certain topics he always informatively gives feedback to Mark and Jennifer, more times than not they side with Matt. When selling their homes with Matt they felt they were always priced appropriately. He does his research and knows exactly where the sweet spot lies when selling. Jennifer started working with Matt in later years as a home organizer on some of his real estate projects and she confidently advocates for Matt both professionally and personally.  

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Mark's Advice to You

If you're considering selling your home, my advice would be to 

Find someone who really knows the area. Matt is from the area and he knows it extremely well. I would never recommend anyone else where we live. Matt is someone you can build a relationship with; you get one on one partnership when working with him.

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